HOW To Do A Air Brake Leak Test-See the video

Do you know how to do a Air Brake test? Here is two explanation of how to do a air brake test. We will offer you this information in a video and also in a written text. One may differ a little from the other but the concept is still the same out come. Review this information as many times as you would like We will be offering more information on trucking procedures in the weeks to come, Here on the Edgeolite Trucking Blog So make sure you add us to your trucking favorites.

Here is the Brake test procedure as follows:

A Seat belt on, Safe start vehicle, build up air to operating pressure if needed.

B. Select first gear, with wheel chocks down. Turn engine off, ignition back on, release parking brakes, static test for leaks no more than 2 psi straight truck or 3 psi combination vehicle in 1 min.

C Press and hold foot pedal, ( 90 psi ) pedal pressure check no more than 3 psi straight truck or 4 psi loss in 1 min

D Pump down the brake pedal to check that the air warning light come on by 60 psi.

E After that. continue to pump down, check TPV ( Tractor Protection Vavle) pops out by 20 psi. which will apply tractor parking brake.

F. Then put truck in neutral and start vehicle, we want to see how fast it takes for the air pressure to build back up. Check that air builds from 85 psi to 100 psi in under 45 seconds, and then continue to build air till governor blows at approx 125-130 psi the air gauge will stop building pressure at this point.

G Continue with the brake check , release tractor brake, pull against trailer brake (Trolley brake)

H. Set tractor brake, release trailer brake pull in first gear to test tractor parking brakes

I. Release parking brakes, pull forward 5 mph hands above steering wheel apply foot brake, check for brakes pulling to left or right.

J. Drive forward again 5 mph apply trailer hand valve (Trolley Brake Handle ) to test trailer service brakes.

K. Set parking brakes build to system to operating pressure prior to driving away.

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